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This is the time to redefine your commercial strategy with effective and proactive actions to a wider audience, move market share with strategic support whilst boosting your brand awareness and above all growing revenues and giving you the edge over your competitors. 8th Floor will show you how

Internal resources can be limited at this time, so let 8th Floor become a true extension of your in-house team, providing a cost-effective way to grow sales and implement strategy thru our targeted social media campaigns, access to global partnerships & trade shows as well as 3rd party programs.

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ICON 120720-06.png

Taking a fresh look at your business 8th Floor will lead the process of devising an effective plan and implementation strategy to position you ahead of your competitors. With our highly experienced multi-segment sales, marketing, revenue, communication & F&B operations experts, we will unlock the best strategies and actions to reach your true potential.

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Understanding your business and competitive landscape

In-depth analysis, on-property immersive interviews, guided
solutions, gaining team buy-in to own and deliver the
solutions through strategic actions and proper planning

On-going follow up of results on KPIs

revenue targets with key stakeholders, keeping the plan alive andteams motivated and accountable

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Success is inevitable and achievable

- Maximize Revenues, STR and profits
- Pricing & distribution improvements with cost savings
- Grow marketing & social media revenues & KPIs
- Team structure, deployment,accountability & retention

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