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This is the time to redefine your commercial strategy with effective and proactive actions to a wider audience, move market share with strategic support whilst boosting your brand awareness and above all growing revenues and giving you the edge over your competitors. 8th Floor will show you how

Internal resources can be limited at this time, so let 8th Floor become a true extension of your in-house team, providing a cost-effective way to grow sales and implement strategy thru our targeted social media campaigns, access to global partnerships & trade shows as well as 3rd party programs.

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ICON 120720-06.png
Content Creation

With limited personal contact becoming the new normal, you now need to find a way to communicate more with less.

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Create stunning aerial photos, videos, panoramas and hyper lapse for social and digital marketing.

Create complex and stylised
custom branded floorplans
viewable in 2D, 3D or in the users’ room via augmented reality models.

Capture your key areas in day and night mode for remote viewing by potential customers
who cannot attend.

Capture stunning press
pictures of key areas and
features to market online
and through shareable media.

Showcase and summarise
the best of your brand in a
timeless video you can share and send to the people that
most need to see it.


Taking a fresh look at your business 8th Floor will lead the process of devising an effective plan and implementation strategy to position you ahead of your competitors. With our highly experienced multi-segment sales, marketing, revenue, communication & F&B operations experts, we will unlock the best strategies and actions to reach your true potential.

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Understanding your business and competitive landscape

In-depth analysis, on-property immersive interviews, guided
solutions, gaining team buy-in to own and deliver the
solutions through strategic actions and proper planning

On-going follow up of results on KPIs

revenue targets with key stakeholders, keeping the plan alive andteams motivated and accountable

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Success is inevitable and achievable

- Maximize Revenues, STR and profits
- Pricing & distribution improvements with cost savings
- Grow marketing & social media revenues & KPIs
- Team structure, deployment,accountability & retention

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Recovery Collective

8th Floor are travel & hospitality experts with decades of experience in the industry and a personal, passionate drive to get businesses open and thriving again. They have established a community of industry insiders to provide a comprehensive and cost-effective offering of targeted solutions to accelerate hotel recovery post-lockdown and beyond.

Our Community
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Palm is an award-winning Hospitality & Travel communications agency that has been established and working with leading businesses like yours for more than a decade.

The objective of our communications strategy will be to successfully re-open the hotel and return revenue to the business whilst protecting staff, customers and the brand. 

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Ella de Beer Ltd is a Hospitality and Retail operations consultancy with a track record of delivering large projects at pace. In a dynamic and evolving consumer environment, we bring together strong back and front of house operational experience from a range of sectors. We have a unique ability to create sustainable, people-centric and commercially robust food and beverage propositions.


Pearl Representation is an independent DMC Representation Company, founded in 2014 by Rakesh Joomuck. Pearl Representation set out a clear vision from the start: to bring global DMC's closer to the UK market; to bring value to the representation sector and to work closely with its DMC's to ensure that they are working to the highest standards and meeting the expectations and requirements of the UK market.


We assist hoteliers, guest houses and villa owners to audit and set strategic sales and marketing plans to increase profitability with a long term vision. We also provide sales representation services to increase luxury sales coming from Europe; France, Benelux, Italy

and Spain.

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